Islamic Relief Sri Lanka has recently built a water purification plant under its project, i-Empower, and handed it over to the Madurangala village community in Welikanda division, Polonnaruwa district. The project is aimed at providing access to purified clean drinking water to approximately 500 families. The inauguration ceremony was held on the 21st of March 2023 and was attended by government officials from the Polonnaruwa district.

The i-Empower project is part of Islamic Relief Sri Lanka’s Covid-19 Adaptation and Recovery program, which focuses on ensuring the well-being of vulnerable communities by providing essential services and facilities. The water purification plant is expected to greatly benefit the community, particularly in terms of improving their access to clean drinking water. This will not only improve their health and well-being but also reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases, which are prevalent in many rural areas in the Country.