Islamic Relief Sri Lanka continues to provide support to vulnerable communities through its various projects and initiatives. Most recently, the organization distributed 1,100 dry food packs to the most vulnerable families in Nintavur Division, where families are facing immense difficulties due to poor economic conditions.

The project, Mitigating Food Insecurity Among Vulnerable Households in Ampara (m-FISHA), was funded by Islamic Relief UK. The project aims to provide relief to vulnerable families who are struggling to meet their basic food needs.

Through the distribution of dry food packs, Islamic Relief Sri Lanka hopes to alleviate the immediate suffering of vulnerable families and ensure that they have access to essential food supplies. The food packs contain a range of staple foods, including rice, dhal, canned fish, sugar, and tea.

This project is a testament to Islamic Relief’s commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable individuals and families in Sri Lanka. By providing vital support to those who need it most, Islamic Relief Sri Lanka is helping to create long-term positive change in the community.

We hope that this project will bring some relief and stability to the lives of those who are struggling with food insecurity. Islamic Relief Sri Lanka remains committed to supporting vulnerable communities and creating sustainable solutions to alleviate poverty and suffering within the communities.