Islamic Relief Sri Lanka continues to support vulnerable families in need through its various programs and initiatives. Recently, the organization provided a Zig zag sewing machine to Aseena, a mother of an Islamic Relief sponsored orphan child who was facing difficulties in earning a living. Aseena lives in Maligaikadu Division and has been struggling financially since the passing of her husband.

The Zig zag sewing machine, which was generously donated by Islamic Relief Switzerland, will enable Aseena to earn a sustainable income by sewing clothes and other items. The machine, which cost 140,000 Sri Lankan Rupees, was funded by Islamic Relief Worldwide.

This donation is a testament to Islamic Relief’s commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable individuals and families in Sri Lanka. By providing Aseena with the tools she needs to support herself and her family, Islamic Relief Sri Lanka is helping to create long-term positive change in the community.

We hope that this assistance will empower Aseena to overcome her financial struggles and provide a brighter future for her and her family.