Islamic Relief Sri Lanka implemented the Development of Vulnerable Communities through Skills Enhancement Program (DEVSEP), aimed at empowering vulnerable youths by providing them with access to quality skills development training and workplace training. Through this project 87 youths (30 males and 57 females) were benefitted and trained in tourism sector.

The program had three key outcomes: 1) Increased access to quality skills development training for the youth, 2) Increased opportunity for the youth to avail workplace training, and 3) Improved community awareness on potential job market in the tourism sector.

The program included a comprehensive training module that covered various aspects of skills development and workplace training, as well as mentorship and coaching support to ensure that the youth are well-equipped to pursue employment opportunities in the tourism sector. Additionally, the program also aimed to raise awareness among the community on the potential job market in the tourism sector, which could help generate employment opportunities for the youth.

Through the DEVSEP program, Islamic Relief Sri Lanka is committed to empowering vulnerable youths and supporting them in their journey towards self-sufficiency. The program is aligned with the organization’s mission to create sustainable development and support the most vulnerable communities.